Wiseair Smart Measurement Solutions for Compressed Air systems

Understand Your Compressed Air System Better and Improve its Dynamics.

Thermal Mass Flow Sensors 

Model No: WAFS 101 / WAFS 102

100:1 turn down ratio in 5 ranges: 0.3~30 Nm/s, 0.6~60 Nm/s, 0.9~90Nm/s , 1.2~120Nm/s, 1.5~150Nm/s

Large LCD screen with dual-line display and 3 setting button. Easy to read or set
Low-Cost Economical model.
Online Data Logger optional
No Pressure Loss, suitable for pipe in any shape with known sectional area
For the insertion type, installation and maintenance can be finished online
Measure the Mass Flow and Standard Flow directly.
High accuracy data acquisition circuit to ensure outstanding repeatability and accuracy of the Flowmeter.
The electrical structure of total isolation to ensure an excellent EMC property and avoid the interference from outside
The high-efficiency design of power supply, the total power consumption is only 60mA@24VDC
15V~32V wide voltage range input to fit in all electricity environment
Self-protection design of Zener safety barrier inside
Password function makes device management easier
Self-diagnose function makes troubleshooting easier


Advanced Thermal Mass Flow Sensor

Model No: WAFS 104 / WAFS 105

Full digital signal processing for higher precision and better stability
Thermal mass flow, independent of temperature and pressure change, integrated temperature measurement
Ultra-wide 1:2500 turn down ratio, measurement range from 0.1 Nm/s to 250 Nm/s
Full electrical isolation thoroughly filter out disturbance
2.8″ ultra-wide viewing angle LCD with capacitive touch
No moving parts, low-pressure drop
With data logging, 10,000,000 recording points
With Bluetooth function, wireless sensor configuration, and data transmission
Standard RS485 Modbus RTU interface and 4~20mA current/pulse output
Insertion type F211: Suitable for DN20 to DN1000,can be installed online through 1/2” ball valve under pressure
Inline type F212: Pipe size: DN15, DN20, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80 Connection: R thread, Flange EN1092-1, ANSI/B16.5

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Differential Pressure Pitot Tube Flow Meter

Model No: WAFS 103

Specially Designed with Patented Anti Condensation Technology

Suitable for Wet Compressed Air
Insertion Type With Anti Ejection Design
Ideal for Compressor FAD Measurement
Standard Options Include Built in Temperature and Pressure Sensors
Integrated Display With Touch Functions and Optional Data Logging
Bluetooth Interface For Easy Configuration
Supports WiseAir 4.0 Bluetooth Mobile Application (Android Version)

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Ultra Sonic Flow Meter

Model No: WUFS 901

Better than 1 % Accuracy.
0.2 % of Repeatability
2×20 LCD Display.
4×4 Key tactile Feedback Membrane Keypad
85-264VAC or 24VDC Power Supply.
Pipe Diameters from 15mm to 6000 mm
RS485 Modbus Communication Output.
Operate With Clamp-On, Insertion, and Flow Cell Transducer.
One Channel Programmable 4-20 mA Output Two-Channel Programmable Digital Out (Isolated OCT and Relay).
Frequency Output IP65.
SD Card & USB Data Memory (1GB, 4GB, 8GB Etc..).

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Dew Point Sensor

Model No: WADS 201 / WADS 202

Reduces operating and energy costs.
Improves downstream filter life and performance.
Increase the lifespan of your compressed air system and its components.
Reduces maintenance and makes the compressed air system more reliable and efficient.
Ensures the stable quality of your products through fewer problems in the operation of the system.
Enables fast responses to failures in compressed air drying through permanent monitoring of pressure dew point. Reduces the risk of bacteria, fungus, and yeast built up.
Alerts you to changes in dryer performance before moisture appears in your plant.


Panel Mounted Power Meter

Model No: WAPM 402

WAPM 4200 Series Integrators can be combined with any model of WAPM 4100 Series Miniflex coils.
The available values are 4-20mA DC.
On Request, the input value can be customized according to the application.
WAPM 4200 Series Integrator and Miniflex coil are a very flexible system, suitable for high Power load analysis,
impulsive current monitoring, DC ripple measurement, etc.
Due to its specific features, flexible Miniflex coil is an extremely comfortable solution for current measurement
and can be used in a number of cases where the traditional current transducer is not an adequate solution.


Hand-Held Power Meter

Model No: WAPM 402

High linearity from 1A to 1000A
Wide Dynamic Range
Very useful with large size or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access
No danger from open-circuited secondary
Not damaged by large overloads
Non-intrusive, no power is drawn from the main
Measurement uniformity at any position of the conductor inside the coil
Excellent degree of rejection to the external current conductor


Pressure Sensor

Model No: WAPS 501

0.5 % Accuracy
Two Outputs
4..20 mA
Easy to install and wire
Stainless Steel Casing

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